Working Together

As well as a teacher and coach, people have said I am a healer.  My special gift is to create a field of unconditional love and to lead deep guided journeys in which you experience your essence— the radiant, loving and wise core of your being. 

Some of the themes I often explore are how to:

  • Heal your  “sacred wounds” and discover how they can guide you to experience your Essence
  • Bring harmony to the often conflicting parts of yourself
  • Heal your inner child and re-parent yourself
  • Clarify your true purpose and what you most want to create
  • Realize and manifest your dreams. 

Individual coaching sessions usually last one hour and fifteen.  I also lead workshops and teleseminars on the themes of Finding Mother-Love Within and Emergence: The Shift from ego to Essence. 

If any of this resonates with you, please contact me to be placed on my mailing list and/or arrange a “discovery session” to explore working together.

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