Finding Mother-Love Within — Sunday, July 21

Do you want to access a source of unconditional love within you?

    Despite being successful, do you secretly suffer from self-doubt or feelings of not being worthy, lovable or good enough? This one-day workshop, Finding Mother-Love Within, will help you radically shift your feelings about yourself. 

    We will explore:

    • Accessing a Loving Presence Within
    • Self Acceptance and Self Appreciation
    • Self Nurturance
    • What you are giving birth to in yourself and in the world
    • Opening to the Great Mother/Divine Feminine

    My mother died of breast cancer on the eve of my sixth birthday. After years of spiritual exploration, I have learned how to access a vast reservoir of inner joy, confidence and lovingness. My passion and gift is to help you to find “mother-love within” on your path to wholeness.

    WHEN: Sunday, July 21st, 2013 from 10:30am to 4:30pm

    WHERE:  My home in Kensington, California (next to Berkeley)

    COST: $85 (partial scholarships available)

    SIZE:  Limited to 16 people

    To register, please click on the Buy Now button below.  (Full refund until July 15th.)