I have explored many forms of meditation, expanded states of consciousness, and psychotherapy.

Some of my influences include The Mystery School (led by Gay Luce), Reiki, the Institute of HeartMath, Biofeedback, the Awakened Mind training by Anna Wise, the Dedicated Practitioners Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, The Coaching Program led by Bryan Franklin, Dream Coaching with Marcia Wieder, and Mutual Awakening with Patricia Albere.

After graduating from Harvard University I had my own nationally syndicated radio program where I explored spiritual and social issues with leading figures in the arts, politics and sciences. In 1971, I helped my husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release the Pentagon Papers to the press. Both of us were inspired by Gandhi’s concept of the Truth-Force. For an article I wrote about this experience, please see the Yoga Journal — Feb. 2010

For almost a decade I was a regular guest speaker in a live and online course “Awakening Joy”, created by James Baraz, which presents teachings from spiritual traditions, positive psychology, and neuroscience and has benefited thousands of people around the world. I’ve had the great pleasure of teaching one of the most popular courses on The Shift Network, called “The Emergence Process”. I have also co-taught many tele-seminars with my beloved sister and colleague Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Along with following a spiritual path, I have been a long time social change activist and public speaker. A central theme of my life has been bridging spiritual experience with social transformation. It is my great delight and passion to empower you on your journey through spiritual coaching, tele-seminars, and workshops.

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